by Tengil

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Nathan Lease
Nathan Lease thumbnail
Nathan Lease Epitome of raw emotion Favorite track: All Paths // Qwoulrflpvoynvlrgkrt.
Kevin Almroth
Kevin Almroth thumbnail
Kevin Almroth Extremely beautiful and heartfelt. Props to such great lyrics. Bands like this make me proud to be a Swede. Ya'll don't deserve to go unnoticed. Favorite track: Praise Be.
TONY ZAGORAIOS I was attracted by the creepy cover and really discovered one great band. The songs have too many influences from post rock to metal and atmospheric sound. Great combination of clean and aggressive vocals . A MUST!! Favorite track: My Gift To You // The Tunnel At The End Of The Light.
Jeff Keating
Jeff Keating thumbnail
Jeff Keating Beautiful yet Ferocious at times. So glad I found this album. A touch of post-rock mixed in with some atmosphere and heavy vocals at just the right moments. Can't wait to hear more from them. Favorite track: Gehenna.
max m
max m thumbnail
max m Tengil kind of reminds me of mature blackend-screamo if that makes sense. I feel this genre mixture is one that many bands go for but few excel. Reminiscent of Fear Before... and Life Lover. Favorite track: My Gift To You // The Tunnel At The End Of The Light.
Kevin Pelz
Kevin Pelz thumbnail
Kevin Pelz Mathy drums, great vocals and slow post-metal builds are my cat-nip and I'll be damned if this didn't fucking deliver. Favorite track: Praise Be.
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released July 1, 2015

Written, Performed and Recorded by Tengil at Scenstudion in Borås

Additional vocals on track 4 by Julia Siljebo

Mixed by Mikael Andersson

Mastered by Magnus Lindberg

Artwork by Tengil



all rights reserved


Tengil Sweden

Burn in your memories.

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Track Name: Fermeture
However bright you felt it burn
However unstoppably determined you felt back then.

Isn't it terribly uncathartic
that it burns out in just a matter of seconds
when faced with a sea
of instincts and bodily functions?

and you find yourself in prayer
promising whatever force there might be left out there to save you
If could just get out alive
You swear would try again
You would try so many times
To go somewhere new
To love what is given to you
To make a home

And that's when he pulls you up


There's a foul voice speaking to you from the shadows
Trying to deceive you
Trying to lead you astray
Out from under the loving branches into the cold unknown
And it says NULL
Track Name: A Box
I wrote a poem
You'll get to hear it in the end
Because it gives to put your soul into print
before reality tags along
and casually
snaps its wings off

Hold your head in the sky
with the firm belief
that you're not gonna fall
but it always finds a way
to take you down
To a place for us all
right next to each other

And there the streets are all
as clear as your thoughts
petty and self centered
But streamlined
as they should be

And even now with eyes begging
"get me out of here"
you insist this just what you wanted

you still look to the sky but with
longing, pride and nothing else
and as it whispers to about the little things
the realization enfolds you

everything you did ever
really love
You abandoned
long ago

But at least you've been given
Someone, someone
to die next to


Fredag kväll
efter 5 dagar, 7 dagar, 28 dagar
Du ser så trött ut
Men det gör du ju alltid nu för tiden

Du frågar mig hur barnen mår, hur jag mår
Jag mår bra,
och vad bryr jag mig om barnen? dom var ju din idé
Älskade du
Jag skojar bara

Jag är så glad
Att vi lyckats bygga allt det här åt dom
Att dom går en ljus framtid till mötes
Genom oss och allt det vackra vi har fått
bara för att vi kunde ta oss hit

Till en plats som ger oss obeskrivligt mycket
och kräver så lite tillbaka
Som låter dig växa så så att du blir
precis som du ska

jag är glad att våra barn har skydd från regnet
under locket
till ett hus med fyra väggar
Att dom har skugga från solen
Så länge dom väljer att stanna där
Jag är så glad att vi får leva ett liv fullt av trygghet
Jämte varandra

Och barnen
om dom bara gör sitt bästa
kan dom bli vad som helst
ekonomer, jurister, astronauter
Jag är så lycklig för det

Och lika evigt tacksam är jag också för att du visade mig vägen
till att lyckas bli den personen som får din kärlek idag
för utan din och alla dom andras hjälp hade jag varit en helt annan människa
Inte din i dina stunder av svaghet
Och det är ömsesidigt, antar jag

Och visst, det har varit svårt ibland
men det är bra nu, det ser jag på dig
Så bra att vi lärde oss att lägga förband på varandras sår
för finns det något barn som inte önskar att deras föräldrar är tillsammans för evigt?

Men det finns en sak jag hade velat berätta för dig
fyra ord bara egentligen
Men det är alltid så svårt att hitta chansen att säga det
Oroa dig nu inte för det, det är bara en liten sak jag funderat på

Ibland känns det så osannolikt
Ibland känns det för bra för att vara sant
Hur kan det här vara verklighet? Hur kan det vara sanning?
När jag lev i en saga med rim och på vers.

Och när jag störtade ner mot marken, stod du där, mellan den och mitt fall
Du fångade upp mig, delade med dig av en varmare plats för bortgång
här i lådan tar du hand om mig, tröstar när tiden rinner ut ur varje nytt sår
Tillsammans till sist med din kärlek, det enda jag någonsin önskat.
Track Name: My Gift To You // The Tunnel At The End Of The Light
I could not stay
Prior to this

And i cannot not stay
Not even now
Not even here

Were you said
I should spread my roots

You said this place,
My place,
would hold love for me

And now I'm soon all bled out
I held on hard to every drop
But it was never thick enough
So after all this work
After all the sweat and tears
When it bore so little fruit

Why did I even try?

And now there's nothing left
But this time
It might really be the last time

It goes back around
For better or for worse
Soon there's nothing left here
That keeps me

I'm sorry
for any
My friend
Yet I'm all but
for what ails you
this time

I restarted, I cut my heart out, I did everything you said i should
still i couldn't find the peace i did it all for

So I let things burn, I let them bleed to death
And you ask me how that is better
well I already answered

Because this is...
Or at least it was, for twenty two years
And where ever I'm going now
i cant imagine it being worse

it feels great to know
it's really is all the same
and this is my last chance
To go somewhere new

So Im not waiting another day
with this
You will no longer know me as
The one, who wherever he goes
where ever he tries to stay
Has come to the wrong place
Track Name: Praise Be
I'm still down at the ocean sometimes
wondering were you went
And what you where, it's safe to say,
there was something more about you, pulling me up

I can't put my finger on, but I want you to know
I kept a piece of my heart for myself
in a place where it is, like they say
Dark but not black

I know it was not you who told me to do what i did
but I just thought you wanted to know
The look on your face when i cut it out
is the only one i can clearly recall

Blurred, the least to say, is all the rest
for this to shall pass, as the world floats away
forgive me if I got something wrong
I'm in a different place now.

Things here didn't work out the way i wish they had
but least this time I know its my own fault
and that helps
Since I know where to start
what to change, what to beat into the ground

I still repeat the same words given to me so long ago
but they're becoming washed out, worn and faded, void of their original meaning
soon they're bled dry
them to, like all else

If only I could to talk to you one last time
I find such trouble in
Trying to recall why I do this
And something tell me you knew

but it brings me back to
The last thing you told me
"I'm not the one to save you"
I suppose you made it clear

I wish everything that held me down
for all this time
to have a opposite, an antimatter
that eventually
will carry me to heaven
that's what I pray for
and that what i prayed for
But it's been eleven years
and I can't take eleven more
So I'll restart
by digging out the last of my heart
and leaving it here for you

And since I never knew, how to be human
she will be my aid
and I have to be sure
that my loathing was just
the ambivalence of insecurity to commit
but I know now that's how it should be

Lord, I'm so lost
Help me find my way
My prayer is for you,
my loving guide
my beacon
my tree
father, father,
how should I be?

I think I always believed
my dreams where never built to hold
But I know that I
killed them
all on my own
after tonight

Rebuild me from scratch
Track Name: Gehenna
We drove way past
The windmills
The factories
And all the little islands
That people call home
And down the road
To our own
You could feel the late summer wind
Carrying the last batch away

The road had been long
And hard on us all
I felt stale as i stepped out
The last stop, of the hole trip
I think I might have wanted to go back
But there was way too much water
Between me
And what i possibly left

I heard you from behind
"well at least we got great view"
Always the sarcastic detachment in the face of something you like
or was it the other way around, just encryption, a layer deeper
I turned to you
All smiles

och sen var vi där
i staden
frälsta, vid trädets rot

Gehenna oh, Gehenna

Det blåser en vind genom Gehenna ikväll
Och jag vet att det kan vara min sista chans att komma härifrån
men ju mer jag tänker på det, desto mer går det upp för mig att jag inte längre bryr mig
ifall det någonsin händer
Alla eventuella möjligheter, följs av ännu fler krav
Och glädjen i att göra nåt nytt, förblöder i jämförelse
Jag älskade så mycket saker
men det var länge sen
Track Name: All Paths // Qwoulrflpvoynvlrgkrt
Now i pray
to be back out
to see my
hopes and fears
get torn apart in the waves

I say to myself
I can escape being lost
All through bleeding and
toiling by
the tasks that's been given me

keep telling my self that
This time I'll get it right
for this time i truly, tried
I gave it my all
and the work that I've put down cannot
have been for
nothing if it's not so, if I'm on the path back down
then I have to get up, face it again, even if, even when it leaves me here

Nowhere closer nor near
And thrown back
Into the six seas of hearts

Time on time I get up
To go somewhere
here in the six seas of hearts

I keep telling myself


Nowhere closer
and Nowhere near
I can't spot it anywhere
from the six seas of hearts
if the tide would let me get to it
if I cared as much, as I wish i did
I could have gotten there