by Tengil

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released May 5, 2013

Written, Performed and Recorded by Tengil at Trubbel Studios and Tåget in Borås

Mixed by Sakarias Westman

Mastered by Peter In de Betou

Tengil would like to thank Kim Gunneriusson for all his help with recording this album

Artwork by Tengil



all rights reserved


Tengil Sweden

Burn in your memories.

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Track Name: Stoma
Get up
Always get up
Always look straight
And never straight down
Always ready
Always smiling
There's no need to frown

Hey you,
Where we head to?
What is washed of
It circles the drain
So we
Pay the small fee
Put our thoughts out
All thoughts for the vain

Somewhere down below
You can't breathe with
Their waste in your lungs

Slipping through the dust
Of a thousand triggered minds
Reluctant to be like
Their dreams in demise
So cling on to your sinkholes
For all that you miss
Then again is it really worth it?
Because im so glad i've got you
My friend
The illusion of help

Look at us
A million pieces

Somewhere down below
I can't breathe with
Your filth in my lungs
Someday I hope you will know
That i'm through with things
making me dissolve

If I could put this down
I would turn myself around
Track Name: This Week's Winner
The game is always on
So come on, come on let's see who's won
A sweaty crowd, how suiting
They take after their idols

Our hero's the first
Golden shining and bright
Now allowed to flap his jaws
And his presence heals us all

Save for oh, the third one
Scattered and broke
He rots in the streets

The second one watches
From a six-story building
Why didn't he win? he asks
He asks

Of course there's a gun
And if you wonder
(how one man can kill)
We're all one,two,three
Obliged to do great things

Now back in the city
Our hero is dead
The word on everyone's lips
We've lost a great vessel

But it's all a game
And no one cares for long
Everyone, obliged to do great things
Goes back to doing so alone

We do place the blame
And if you wonder
(why we hunt each other)
We're all one,two,three
Obliged to do great things
Do great things


On a night like this
The tree watches over us
A beacon
A reminder
Of what we should do


Looking down at it all
From this place like this
I can see the people in their cars moving around
Going back the way they came this morning,
Or maybe yesterdays morning,
Maybe the next.
Witnessing this endless loop, I think to myself:
Maybe what i did, WAS the right thing
Because in all my life, i have only ever done the things, others have Asked of me
And today, despite how appalling what i did was,
It was the first time in years
That i felt aware of my own existence,
As the muzzle went of, I could feel the pillars that hold up this world, Tremble.
And in the brief flash that lit up the soon to be horrified faces I could Hear them whisper, on my behalf,
"Today, I'm a person, A man, A winner"
Track Name: Eeyore
There's nothing
Nothing left

I'm running out of days, so tired i can't...
They're slipping through my fingers!
My friends are all gone, left for something better
Only the fall left, but what did i expect?
Because as Eeyore, a gray tail
The world functions well enough without me
At the root of the tree like all else
Obsolete, set aside. like all else.

There's nothing
Nothing left
Och inget

Men jag har mage att skämmas för det här
För trots att jag bara ville tala om för världen hur det kändes
Ser jag mig själv bli till en av de personer
Som så vackert vägrar förstå hur det är att vara ensam.
Men jag är väl bara

Så kom, se, hur jag tar slut.
Så kom, se, hur jag tar slut.
Så kom, se, hur jag tar slut.
Så kom, se, hur jag tar slut.

Och jag skulle göra det igen om det behövdes.