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Alice M.
Alice M. thumbnail
Alice M. I won’t pretend that this is perfect, but like many things in my collection it *fills a gap* in my vision of the world, of emotions and whatnot. I also like the fact that it has a very distinct identity while their older album, “Six”, has one of its own, too. Favorite track: In Murmur.
Jón Þór Sigurleifsson
Jón Þór Sigurleifsson thumbnail
Jón Þór Sigurleifsson The vulnerability and raw emotion on display is something I'm always looking for in music and Tengil have got it in spades!

Incredible album and one of 2018's best so far.

Full review: Favorite track: And the best was yet to come.
Manako thumbnail
Manako What can I say about this album, except that I have been listening to it nonstop through today (release day) and that I'm convinced I'll keep on spinning it for a long, long time... I couldn't help grabbing the gorgeous magenta vinyl released by Prophecy. Seriously, if you haven't yet, go listen to this album, it's the most serious contestant to the best album of 2018 so far, and it's gonna be hard to top. Favorite track: I dreamt I was old.
Jared thumbnail
Jared This is the first time I've preordered something on band camp. It's like, gorgeous post-hardcore mixed with emo and post metal. Except it retains the positive aspects of those genres, and loses a lot of the negative shit. It's just great. Give it a listen. Seriously. Favorite track: It's all for springtime.
Maximilian Hartert
Maximilian Hartert thumbnail
Maximilian Hartert It is sort of melancholic and full of uplifting energy. Very melodic, sometimes even beautiful and easy to get into.
If you can, get it on vinyl! Favorite track: It's all for springtime.
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Swedish post-hardcore band Tengil is a constellation of musicians playing atmospheric, experimental heavy music that is at once nostalgic, quasi-symphonic and spiritually violent. The band tabs itself as "a spiritual task, an impulsion to through music tell the story of moments passing you by, the longing to live and die at the same time, to always be both among and in flames." Despite its young age, Tengil as a collective has already performed over 50 concerts across Europe and released the full-length album "Six" (2015) as well as a slew of EPs and singles. The band's Prophecy debut is titled "shouldhavebeens".

"'shouldhavebeens' tells the story of two friends, three New Year's Eves and one longing greater than life," says the band. The record aims to speak about nostalgia, saudade, mental illness, decadence, the promise of tomorrow, and how our collective views of future themselves determine who we turn out to be.

Tengil's eye-opening musical style has developed from raw hardcore to an almost heavenly wall of aggressive sound which takes center stage on "shouldhavebeens". Commanding a mind-bending and dynamic meld of hardcore, rock, blackgaze and melody, Tengil weilds its wide-reaching range over varied tempos, electronics, and occasional pop moments executed with a raw energy that suggests a mash up of Dillinger Escape Plan and Explosions in the Sky. Although its delivery and musical approach is very different, the inherent self-confidence and captivating creativity that Tengil shows on 'shouldhavebeens', calls for comparison to Alcest and its legendary debut "Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde".

With flowing grace and force of conviction, Tengil's lush layers of sound crush and caress in equal measure. Explosive, angular, powerful and enlightening, "shouldhavebeens" propels the listener across multiple musical boundaries.

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released April 13, 2018

Written by

1. Sakarias Westman
2. Sakarias Westman, Pontus Carling and Karl Hauptmann
3. Sakarias Westman, Karl Hauptmann and Tobias Jensen
4. Sakarias Westman
5. Sakarias Westman, Pontus Carling, Karl Hauptmann and Tobias Jensen
6. Sakarias Westman and Karl Hauptmann
7. Sakarias Westman and Karl Hauptmann

Lyrics by Sakarias Westman

Tengil would like to thank Kulturungdom for all help with recording this album

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Kim Ruiz at Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg
Mastered by Isak Edh at Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg

Art Direction & Design by Sakarias Westman, Pontus Carling and Karl Hauptmann
Photography by Jakob Ekvall
Editing by Jakob Ekvall and Tengil

Thank you

Kim Ruiz, Isak Edh, Jakob Ekvall, Mattias Tell, Tobias Backman, Martin Koller, Gustaf Uicic,
Vile Hartman, Kimiyuki Nishita, Johannes Andersson, Alexandra Bäckstrand, Sushi, Kasper, Kim Gunneriusson,
Christian Mattesen, Curt, Sanna Lassinniemi, Emelie Lihav, Alicia Asp, Tilde Hellström, Miso, Dominik Lalka, Lisa Tausz, Maso, Lisa Andersson, Mattias Frisk, Alexander Olsson and the rest of our friends and families


all rights reserved



Tengil Sweden

Vocals, Noise
Guitar, Noise
Bass, Noise
Drums, Visuals

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Track Name: I dreamt I was old
Begin with a riddle that none of us could solve
Why does the city of stars still
swallow earth for the cold?
It turns the air into sparks and ignites when you see,
No matter how you allocate or sacrifice
There are no guaranties

Two paths down ahead
Two you can take
Make peace in the flames
Or drag them with you
To the universes edge
No one knows what you will see there
But everyone knows why you go

You and I, we're in prayer
For the road, that it holds beneath our feet
So hold my hand through the white noise
Remember the wounds, missteps are trophies
when we're there

We'd go so far
For that reason I'd take you anywhere
Won’t let it be for nothing at all
In horizons, bright sunlight, I say I should learn
But lose myself in endings convinced
this day brings my turn
Part of me was always, part of me never came
A new place, but also the same

You can only sacrifice what you love
And then we pick up the pieces
All the love we can carry we take
And some light is left behind

I still keep my visions
Of how life will be like for future me
One for fullfillment, my own
And one for the people I care for

But I have one where I'm old
And none of this has changed
No solace, no purpose
Just a lifetime of mistakes
And if my sorrow was to repeat itself I woke,
To one more dream in the fold

How do we know that there's someting to wait for
When it all escapes us, our hopes and our hearts
Remember us watching that starlit sky
You said you would recall forever, I don’t think you did
No matter if there's a present, a future
Something has left, and it was qualia
A color only you would ever know
Track Name: And the best was yet to come
Down there, in windows open
Deeper is blue, and in fresh air is longing
For nameless volatilities like the end of a rainbow
Some call it “you”
And even when the scent escapes me, I'm still lost
There with my visions that found me in youth
Founded me in youth

"These will be the worst years of your life,
Better spend them now, than later"
So I waited for those better years

Promise that you won't die before me
So that something I miss is alive
Make me the sun and the stars
I'm the wind and the rain
Take me from knowing that this all could end
In a lifetime, a moment, it could be the next breath
But it's alright
As long as I'm still in the air

Down in the canopy
The circles came to a close around the sun
And as they blew up the sky for the fourteenth time
I realised that in waiting for things to change
All my fears had come true,
as well as all the things I’d sworn
Would never happen again
It was all my fault, but I could not change
I was stuck in being myself down here
Like everyone is

But even there, at the edge of night
I could hear them singing
What we told each other forever before
About the brighter tomorrow

How many of us knew? Only you told me
That down here are we, for every year
The cards draw, the colors set forever

I know I should have waited for you
But it seemed okay back then
I was lost in the perceived magnificence
Of going dead into the night
And coming out dancing to the morning light

You and I we were bathing in faces
With the sun shining from the roof
There were songs to keep fresh in their hearts
If someone wanted respite for a moment
You wouldn't fault them for that would you?

Words like
"Every dream I have is in this room but i am not"
Then everyone cheered
I dropped burning liqour on the rug
And no one saw you leave

From black to blue there in windows open
The stars and the rain thought themselves euphoric
I know I said I was in heaven then
But there's no such thing
Track Name: With a song for dead darlings
And like a film shown
Repeated in our hearts
I've heard it before
And so have you
If something is not
Then how can anything be?
"I want to save the earth I want to show that I'm thankful" Would you, in that case, let go off a perceived significance? Like how age is just a number but still we talk about it,
Like when she was 23 and had her first child
And I was told it came as a release for her
That now at least in her darkest days, she lived for him
They measured him in grams

To racing minds
Living comes in second
And all the time becomes less
Just like our long lives, with everything in the world to do
So now if I say, 31 is the new 27
Does the point come across?

I said I wanted to be born in every country
And still wanted to know I was thankful
In fly ridden kitchens, on stinking floors
Where ambitions left me sleeping for so long
I could barely climb out of dirty sheets one more year
I know was afraid I was wasting it then
And I kept wondering if I know now
If you were to paint stars would you with silver or with gold?

Was I ever there leave it
Let it slide
Down, like

To where you let in the light
Like the ghost I am one of elses dream
My fathers
My teachers
My lovers
Shoes to fill
Wishes to uphold
I'm always so scared
I'm always so scared to look
Track Name: A lifetime of white noise
Track Name: It's all for springtime
I slept so deep, that my heart it tried a new lie
When we all go we choose what we bring with us
It's a lovely lie

The price of living we learn in the death of beginning,
No matter the noise, sever passing we never would

I took a breath of never-ending light
I'm keeping it down in my lungs forever
It feeds to the love, the stars in my blood
That's how I'll be young

I would love to say it got stuck in my head
And gave me profound sleeplessness
But in hours I could think about everything
Just like the day before
So the trunkless kings of desert carried on
There was overcome, somewhere at nights end
We burned love down to ash and blisters
All for when

I took a breath of never-ending light
I'm keeping it down in my lungs forever
It feeds to the love, the stars in my blood
I wish I didn't know

And in the wreckage of summer, I found that breath
Cleaning out your youth room
Two souls on the best of days
Cracks hid your face, as if to remind me

That fires die, and you won’t be here
Even that perpetual flame had to die
Like stars do
Track Name: All for your myth
Jag pratade med en vän en gång,
Som berättade att när man tar E,
Så skapas det en sån endorfinstorm i hjärnan
Att den förbränner mer än vad den normalt gör
Under en hel livstid

Jag minns hur hemskt jag tyckte det lät
Hur skrämnde tanken på att den bästa stunden i ditt liv
Inte kanske bara kunde vara oförtjänt,
Men att också att veta att det var kemiskt omöjligt
Att det blev bättre än så

För trots allt, vad kan vara värdefullt
Om man inte kan känna att det är det?

Nu var ju det här några år sedan så det kan ha varit indoktrinationen som talade, men jag hoppas ni förstår om jag väljer att kalla det för en bättre sådan, i så fall

Spola fram ett tag, och jag sitter i baksätet i en bil, och tänker på det där
Tänker på vilka känslor som är värda något, vilka rus som är sanna, om de får sitt värde av handlingarna som leder upp till känslorna

Jag hade funderat på det många gånger innan
Men det var nåt med den kvällen, något ovanligt, extraordinärt
Där i baksätet vreds nyckeln till slut om

All lycka är tredelad, först känns den i stunden, och efter att den tagit slut så lever den i minnet

Och sen när du dör, när du inte ens har dina minnen kvar, så finns den fortfarande där
Utanför tid, inetsad i existensen
Det faktum att det har hänt

Jag var så glad att veta det,
Att hur jag än någonsin kommer må efter den stunden i bilen så hade det ändå hänt
Det kommer alltid stanna där, utanför tid
Det kan inte ens en gud ändra på

Jag undrade om det hade hjälpt dig
Se dagar lila himmel, brinnande pressade sig ner över ännu en kejsare i exil
Du, som hade lovat att komma tillbaka
Innan alla gråhåriga spöken hade skridit in mellan de yttersta stammarna
Till där träden är ett med skuggorna
Innan du spridit dig själv för vinden

Fast så mindes jag till slut de där orden, tillsammans med en fot på fönsterkarmen
"Det var alltid mer för uppenbarlesen
än för vad det egentligen stod."
Track Name: In Murmur
Why is it so hard
Remaining in moments?
Like reliving the promise made
It seemed weightless just hours later

Gods made us so
From two-faced smiling, damage hiding ecstacy
To sinking frost

But the festival is still on,
And the artist plays the town square with an orchestra
There's light there with her earth-fueled waves

A ghost who forgot he is dead dances under a starlit sky
With the dreams found in youth from hundreds around
There like a movie, ending

To the sounds of what could have been
Joined hands, counting down from ten
In deafening noise
You know when
A promise to be better

Another spring, another summers end
Night again
And something's missing
Sleepless, careless
Immersed in bliss
And tripping, time always slipping
Call to me
Sing "we are debris"
From a dead age, long gone
So maybe we should swallow the poison

And go, go back to bed
There's nothing for us anyway

Just a pulled down shade
For the life you should trade
To be a drop in an ocean
We could never make

Still there
In murmur
At the edge of night

I decided I could do this
Forever, like we sang

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